The Solution

OD-141309 is the Solution

Zaycor’s technology is safe on skin and non-toxic at very high levels.  It has shown to have activity against a wide spectrum of microorganisms, including fungi for which current alternatives are not consistently active. The formulation and active have been shown to maintain its antimicrobial effectiveness in the presence of soil, detergent, blood, and proteins.

Our product is a First-in-Class active and formulation with a unique mechanism of action. OD-141309 is ideally suited to prevent SSIs, as it has been specifically designed to attack the infection-causing microorganisms.

All products that are used for skin disinfection must have approval by the FDA. In our case, the effectiveness needs to be proven under specific protocols that follow the regulations and agency guidance. Animal and non-clinical tests have already proven effectiveness of the formulation, and limited clinical studies have shown its safety. However, as a new drug product the federal law requires additional tests to be performed.

Other technologies and formulations under development are targeting the treatment and disinfection of wounds, and other skin related infections.